Ocularist training in the United Kingdom

Ocularist training in the USA

“American Society of Ocularists” training in ocularistry

This information is provided by the “American Society of Ocularists” on the FAQ of their website www.ocularist.org

How does a person learn to become an ocularist?

There are no schools that teach ocularistry. A person must learn how to make artificial eyes through an apprenticeship with an approved ocularist (a Board Approved Diplomat Ocularist). The ASO Apprentice Program requires that the apprentice must study all aspects of ocular prosthetics, and spend five years (10,000 hours) in practical training. The apprentice must also successfully complete 750 credits of related study courses offered by the Education Program of the ASO. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the title, Diplomat of the American Society of Ocularists, is awarded. Read more

Ocularist training in the United Kingdom

National Artificial Eye Service

The National Artificial Eye Service is primarily a national NHS Service fitting and manufacturing artificial eyes.

We do not run courses on ocular prosthetics but can provide training in the two categories of artificial eye fitter (Orbital Prosthetist) and manufacturer (Ocular Technician).

Orbital Prosthetists (eye fitters) are involved with all the direct patient contact and the fitting and aftercare of artificial eyes.  Ocular Technicians are trained to manufacture artificial eyes at our central Laboratory at the NAES Headquarters in Blackpool.  This method of working is vital for us to maintain the required quality standards as providers of Medical Devices to the NHS.  The title ‘Orbital Prosthetist’ can only be used by those trained by the NAES. Read more

Ocularist training in Southern Africa

It is our understanding that OASA is the first country in the world to register Ocularistry on the NQF (National Qualification Framework).

You are welcome to visit this page  http://www.oasa.org.za/Training/index.php should you be interested in training as an Ocularist.

We have also set up a process by which students from any country will be welcome/able to visit South Africa for short periods (from 1 month to 6 months) and work under one of the Host Ocularists. (unfortunately, at this stage you would need to self-fund your visit.)

You will need to follow the guidelines of our visiting student WIL guide.You will need to convey what it is they would like to achieve through their visit, i.e. hands-on training or research. Your visit will culminate in an article/thesis summarising their visit and what they have learned.

Ideally, we would like you to present their study at our annual congress, but that would depend on logistics and if you were in South Africa during our congress.

You will be required to make available a digital copy of any research or study achievements done while here for us to publish on our website for the benefit of other students. Visit here for more information

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    Please forward training information for Ocular technicians. Any information on fees, locations & dates appreciated, thank you .

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    Do you have any information on when, where and prices of ocular prosthetic courses in the UK please.
    Many Thanks

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